Find & Overcome the Unconscious Beliefs and Mental Programming that Prevent You from Stepping into Your Power & Finding Your Path

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Our freedom, joy, and success is on the other side of finding the beliefs and programming that currently control our lives – if we change the programming we change our lives
“Working with Alan allowed me for the first time to develop love for myself, to create a relationship with me, this is now the foundation for me to enjoy my life more each day but also the foundation for attracting an amazing woman into my life.”

Nick S

“Through my work with Alan I was able to get control of my anxiety, I’ve battled anxiety around future finances for as long as I can remember. I was able to feel the freedom of enjoying my free time with the confidence of knowing that I am on my path doing work I love each day.”

Alex H

“Working with Alan allowed me to feel the power I have inside me, to realize how hard I am on myself and feel the freedom from discovering the immense untapped power I have in me “

Phil J

“Alan helped me to step into my King energy, this has given me more power and freedom to be exactly who I am in my life and more specifically my romantic relationships”

Alex G

“In one session with Alan I was able to find an unconscious emotional wound that was preventing me from getting into the physical shape I wanted to. That one release, resulted in me healing my relationship with myself – I lost 3kg in a week without any change to my routine”

Joseph O

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Group Coaching
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