(Without Self Hate or Kicking Your Own Ass)

How to Create a Truly Incredible Life As a Man:

Discover Your Path & Have The Courage to Walk It

Self Development

personal transformation

The Path Process:

Discovering the Unconscious Beliefs that Prevent Your Joy and Success

Gaining Clarity on Your True Desires

Releasing the Energy of Anxiety, Doubt, and Fear that Prevents Your Greatness

Gaining the Peace that Comes from Being Certain on Your Path

Stepping into Your King Energy

(only you know the best life for you, we just help you find it)

Nick S
It is more powerful than years of therapy and it is an incredible “bootcamp” in creating core confidence

A bit about me:

My name is Alan Howard

I help you discover the unconscious beliefs and programming that are holding you back from your aligned life.
Resulting in Greater:

Clarity On Your Path

How to discover your own operating manual for your most aligned life.

More Fulfillment & Joy

Joy & fulfillment are the fuel for greater performance in all pillars of life - the path to harnessing these leads to more satisfaction & success.

Powerful Relationship(s)

Find and operate out your power center resulting in attraction of higher quality partners or more depth in your current relationship.

Who I Was A Few Years Ago:

Deeply insecure

Mentally, Emotionally, and Financially Broke

No Clear Evidence of Being Able to Create a Successful or Happy Life

Bonus Masterclasses

Is about helping you find your power, becoming more free, and gaining clarity on your path.

Discovering Your Passionate Work

Empowering Your Unconscious Beliefs

Stepping Into Daily Power

Masculine & Feminine Energy Workshop

Does This Resonate?

I want to feel that momentum each day, like I am locked in, in my flow, on top of it… I want to re-find my power.
I’m making good money, I have “success” but I am not completely passionate about what I do, I want to figure out something that is aligned.
I am confident but I want to find that next level of self confidence and self love – to step into my King energy.
I have success with women but I am not finding the quality of woman that I really want – I am not attracting a Queen.

The Pillars of the Masculine Life:






The quality of each pillar of a man’s life is a direct reflection of the beliefs and programming he holds about that pillar…

Join The Tribe

Group Accelerator
Group Accelerator

Who is a good fit for the program:

You have pushed yourself and have high level success in one of the following pillars of your life:

a. Relationships
b. Business/Career
c. Mindset/Mentality
d. Physical Body

You are dead set on having more joy, peace, success, and power in your life – and are willing to dive into the depths of you for it.

You have an awareness of your dark side

Who is not a good fit:

You are not comfortable or willing to dive into the depths of you

Vulnerability and showing the real you to others is not something you are ready to do

You are barely making ends meet financially

When men are in their power, it is palpable.
People feel it,
Women want to be around it,
Other guys want to follow it.
This is just a reality boys.

The Lie We Believe As Men:

Let me Make the Money Then Everything Else Will Come…

The Truth:

Let Me Find My Mission & Have the Courage to Pursue It & That Builds the Foundation for Financial Success and Relationship Success

Join The Tribe

Group Accelerator
Group Accelerator

Connect to your Purpose, Find your Power, and Live Life on your Terms