Our Mission

Developing Men of Purpose & Passion by giving them the tools to discover their path and step into their power with wealth, women, and the world.

The Problem

The world wants you distracted, disconnected, and weak.
A man without purpose distracts himself with pleasure

Our belief

That every man has a higher calling and purpose to live on this planet and that The Path to finding that purpose is the most important journey a man can take.
When a man is on his path he finds his power.

The Path to Your


The most powerful, successful, and confident version of you is found within you. Our journey as men is a journey of self discovery.
The journey to excavating The King that is laying dormant within you.

our Programs

Raise Your Testosterone
Find Your Path

About Alan howard

Alan is a travelling entrepreneur and a world class consultant who helps high performing men find and overcome the unconscious beliefs and mental programming that prevent them from stepping into their power.
He helps you to connect to your Purpose, Find your Power, and Live Life on your Terms.
I Spent Over $150,000 in Mentors, Courses, & Retreats to Learn these 4 Powerful Steps to Help You Find Your Path
(Live Video Training)